Mom got sick and my laptop got stolen

Sad neeeeewwwssss…….huhuhuhu one of my laptop got stolen: the one that i used for WORK , yeah…the one that has my whole life within…..some of my lecture materials were also there, 2 of my most recent IIS module was also there and i have not made any copies out of them…so i’ll have to work overtime for it now.

The story begins:
I was coming home from work today, around 5 pm and my wife text me said that my mom got a light stroke and is being treated by her at my mom’s house. Soon after praying maghrib I rushed to mom’s house to see if she were ok. She’s OK, however i had the feeling that i need to go back to my house however, my brother does not want buy medicine so I had to go. It took a while, and after I bought the medicine, I excused myself to go home but my wife would not let me yet. It is already 7 pm. At around 7.15 I cannot hold myself since I really felt that there is something going wrong at my house. So once again I excused myself and rushed to my house.

Everything seems OK when I entered the fence then I saw my office room’s window were wide open, I rushed to my office room and OH NO….my laptop that I left running a while ago was gone. I have not yet backup my data for three days. NOOOOOOOOOO….. It was gone, vanish, puff…..

Oh well…it is gone already and I have no regrets anyways…..bye my precious one….you helped me a lot during my Masters degree in Melbourne.



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